Our Services

Optimizing Value Through Real Estate Innovation…

Through our national advisory platform and academic activities, we have developed innovative ways to create new real estate value in today’s market.

In most enterprises, real estate is the largest asset class and first or second largest operating expense, with limited alignment between business strategy and real estate. We offer enterprises the opportunity to have us bolt on to their management team as “Chief Real Estate Officers”. Through this role, we position the enterprise to optimize real estate assets through value-add and innovative solutions that align real estate more with enterprise strategy. This results in both improved bottom-line performance and an increase in overall shareholder value and productivity through the following “value add” services:

  • Real Estate Asset Optimization Measurement and Metrics (w/SAP)
  • Increased Operating Efficiencies and Cost Savings Strategies
  • Strategic Business, Portfolio, and Capital Planning
  • Lease Administration & Transaction Management
  • Site Selection/Location, Supply Chain, and M&A Analysis
  • Branding/Marketing Strategies for Excess or Underutilized Assets
  • Place-Making Economic Development Strategies through RE Innovation


The Corporate Real Estate Earnings Diagnostic (CREED©)

RE Data AnalatyicsOur team has created a product which measures the contribution of real estate to profitability, enterprise value, and produces KPI’s on asset optimization.

CREED© is designed to unlock hidden value in real estate portfolios by analyzing the following:

  • RE portfolio earnings opportunities;
  • Cost savings & occupancy cost reductions;
  • Repositioning & monetizing excess RE assets
  • KPI’s & analytics for asset optimization (SAP RE)

Showing companies how to optimize their portfolios delivers new earnings and cost savings which are measurable by management. Enterprises who can benefit from CREED© include:

  • public and private companies
  • private equity firms
  • universities & healthcare organizations
  • local, state, and federal governments
  • nonprofits and public private partnerships


Business & Real Estate Valuation

We deliver valuation and market insights on all types of land, commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional properties on a national level.

Given the diverse experience of our professional staff and their collective exposure to virtually all industries, we are aware of industry specific issues and trends which impact value at the outset of the engagement. This is critical as inexperienced practitioners and firms often fail to realize key industry issues and trends until after their value is called into question.

The focus of our valuation and consulting services typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Business Enterprise & Real Estate Valuations
  • Stock and Stock Option Valuations (FASB ASC 718, FAS 123(R))
  • Fairness Opinions/Solvency Opinions
  • Purchase Price Allocations (FASB ASC 805, FAS 141(R))
  • Intangible Asset & Tangible Property Valuations
  • Intangible Asset and Goodwill Impairment Evaluations (FASB ASC 350 & 360, FAS 142 & 144)
  • Private Equity Compliance Valuations (FASB ASC 820, FAS 157)
  • Start-Up Company & Intellectual Property Valuations
  • Ad Valorem Tax Services & Property Tax Compliance
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Fresh Start Accounting Valuations
  • Capital Surplus Analyses

Whatever the requested service, the right personnel join together to deliver greatest value.