Lindsay Thompson is an Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Her research and teaching interests center on values, leadership, and social change in business, society, and corporate culture. She is currently involved in two research initiatives examining: 1) The livability of cities and role of business in shaping public discourse and the formation of civic conscience; and 2) The moral health of people in financially distressed, risk-laden, and hypercompetitive environments. As the Carey Business School faculty director and student advisor for business ethics and social enterprise, Lindsay is also actively involved in ongoing development of faculty, curriculum, and student learning.
Lindsay is an active member of several academic societies and regularly presents her work in academic business ethics venues, including the Society for Business Ethics, the International Society for Business Economics and Ethics, and the American Academy of Management. She has served on SBE committees and currently serves on the ISBEE Executive Committee following two years as Secretariat director and newsletter editor.
Lindsay lives in a transitional neighborhood in Baltimore where she collaborates in citywide efforts to involve businesses, civic organizations, public officials, and private citizens in transforming distressed and abandoned city neighborhoods into attractive, thriving urban communities. She is a community leader with longstanding civic and social enterprise service, including the Maryland Humanities Council, Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute, Jonestown Planning Council, Albemarle Square Community Association, and Exeter Gardens.